R60                  Building block system

What is the difference between our Blocks and conventional wall construction

Our Block

With our building system you can expect:

1. R60 insulation value (This ''R-value" stays consistent throughout the life of the home.

2. No moisture problems

3. Fire resistant (Fire tested) (Also see our video below)

4. The same material is used for the roof allowing better fire resistance, insualtion and no moisture issues.

5. With such a high R-value, there is very little fluctuation in temperature inside the home. This greatly reduces the energy consumption.

6. Our wall has very high load bearing capacity.

7. Our wall system can be used to construct basements. This allows for reduced construction time.

8. Our wall system's strength comes from all blocks being interconnected and bonded together with our patented secret compound.

9. When anchoring anything to our wall, there is no need to look for studs. Our whole wall surface can be used to anchor to.

10. Our wall provide superior sound proofing.

11. COST? Similar cost to Conventional wall

12. WARRANTY? We provide a limited Life time warranty on our walls.

13. GREEN? Our wall does not put any strain on natural resources and allow the owner to reduce their energy consumption.

Conventional Wall

With a conventional wall ystem you can expect:

1. R20 insulation value (This "R-value" can reduce over the life of the home due to sagging of insulation due to moisture)

2. Moisture can penetrate the insulation and cause cold spots.

3. No fire resistance (Some resistance provided by drywall only)

4. A truss system is used that require more care and maintenance to uphold the insulation value.

5. With conventional walls, there is a lot of temperature fluctuation inside the home causing the heating or cooling system to be activated on a regular basis. This greatly increases energy consumption.

6. Conventional walls has limited load bearing capacity.

7. Conventional walls cannot be used below grade. They require a concrete foundation.

8. Conventional walls are held together with nails.

9. To anchor to a conventional wall, 16'' spacing of studs need to be used.

10. Conventional walls have very little sound proofing.



With our revolutionary R60 Building block system we can build you the most energy efficient house on the market. This will reduce your energy consumption by 80% over conventional houses. We can help you bring your dream home into a reality.

This picture shows the structural integrity of our blocks, we stripped away all the foam and outer layers to show you the core. Not only do you have R60 insulation value but your house is extremely strong. This web of our patent pending concrete formula gives the house its strength because all the blocks are interconnected and form vertical columns to allow them to support a big load

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