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Our Core


 Our Vision: To build sustainable, energy efficient buildings that will last for generations.


Our Mission: be "The future of construction"


Our Values: Honesty - We believe in being honest, open and up front in our approach.

                          Integrity - We will not compromise in quality or safety of our product.

                          Responsibility - We stand behind our product and what we do.


Who we are

MYBloc Construction Inc. was founded by Mehmet Yigit. With 30 years of stucco and concrete experience, Mehmet wanted to build an energy efficient building that will last for generations and put very little strain on natural resources. He wanted to develop a building block system that would be easy to install, versatile in style but be comparable in cost to regular wood construction. Well after years of experimenting with concrete mixtures and bonding materials he finally came up with a product that he was happy with. The product has a patent pending and is ready to share with the world.

The building block system will provide an R60 insulation value home. He also wanted this system to be safe since we are using a Styrofoam core. He developed a fireproof coating for the inside and outside of each block. Not only is our block one of the most energy efficient systems on the market but also one of the safest to give you total piece of mind.

What do we do?

Welcome to the future of construction, today!

  • Our roots are in stucco and concrete work and we will continue to service our customers in this area. We do regular Acrylic stucco but also developed new hard coating stucco that is fire resistant.

  • We are very excited to now offer our revolutionary new R60 building block system.

    These blocks can be used for homes, schools, apartment buildings, warehouses, barns and more.

  • We offer a solid door system using the same secret formula as our building. These doors are fire and impact resistant while providing a superior sound and insulation value.

  • Another new addition to our exciting lineup of products is our custom stair designs. We offer a wide range of shapes, textures and colors to help create a one of a kind staircase design.

  • We also offer an exterior or interior use decorative tile that can be used on any building. These are available in many shapes, textures, colors and made from similar long lasting material as our other products.

Meet our Team
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MYBloc Contruction Inc.

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